Monday, 7 April 2014

Little gem lettuce with anchovies / Cogollos de lechuga con anchoas

Feisty Tapas: Little gem lettuce with anchovies / Cogollos de lechuga con anchoas*Receta de Cogollos de lechuga con anchoas en español más abajo*

This Little gem lettuce with anchovies recipe is so easy that I shouldn't even call it a recipe, if you look a the recipe I posted just before this one, it's brilliant to serve as a side dish or as a tapas dish, try them with Chorizo and hummus pita pockets so that you have my special ingredient below ready made.

You can increase the number of lettuces and tins of anchovies as much as you want, making it fabulous for a party or when you have lots of people round and want to make something easy.

Little gem lettuce with anchovies 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hummus and chorizo pita pockets / Pita con humus y chorizo

Feisty Tapas: Chorizo and hummus pita pockets / Pita con chorizo y humus*Receta de Pita con humus y chorizo en español más abajo*

I love a quick dinner or lunch, the easier the better. I first made these on a day when husband was
doing some DIY, we were hungry and there wasn't that much in the fridge. However, in this house there is always chorizo in the fridge (whatever the state of everything else). Well, you may have heard of my chorizo obsession already, no? Hummus and pita are fantastic combination, hummus and chorizo go fantastically together so I couldn't believe this hadn't occured to me before.

Hummus and chorizo pita pockets

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Patatas Bravas in the Thermomix (Recipe)

Easy Patatas Bravas with Thermomix or Bimby - Spanish Tapas made easy
Presentation is overrated anyway, no?
As you may have noticed, I seem to be struggling to post on this my blog more than ever at the moment. I started the year full of good intentions and armed with more time, all I have achieved though is to build a list of draft recipes as long as my arm that I never get to share because I am waiting to have enough time to make them as perfect as I can or because I don't like the photos I took in a hurry. "In a hurry" describes my cooking rather well lately (so does "hit and miss"), with these Patatas Bravas I missed half of the recipe but they were a hit (see what I did there?).  They make the perfect quick(ish) tapas dish!

And how am I? I shall keep this short and sweet: I'm good, I have work coming out of my ears and I miss having lots of time to spend with my Thermie and sharing recipes with you. This being self-employed malarkee can be such hard work! You can usually catch me giving you mini updates on my Instagram account and, of course, if you are UK based you should definitely come join us at the Thermomix Owners UK Facebook group for local inspiration.

But enough about me, how have you been?

Patatas Bravas (a la "hit and miss") 

Monday, 20 January 2014

Thermomix watercress soup recipe / Receta de crema de berros con Thermomix

Thermomix watercress soup recipe / Receta de crema de berros con Thermomix
We often fly to Portugal when we go to Spain to visit my family. It sounds nuts, doesn't it? But the nearest airports to my hometown with flights to London are Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain) or Porto (Portugal). Flying back from Porto a couple of weeks ago I picked up a copy of the official Portuguese Bimby magazine (yep, the Thermomix is called Bimby in Portugal, not in Spain though). There I found the recipe this Watercress soup (well, I have adapted it slightly). 

The flavour is light and delicate and I fully recommend it as a variation on heavier soups.
Thermomix Watercress soup


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Thermomix bolognese (perfect for spaghetti bolognese or lasagna)

Thermomix bolognese (perfect for spaghetti bolognese or lasagna) Hello and happy new year! Yes, 2014 is upon us and I haven't posted for ages... so I have promised myself to be less of a perfectionist this year and publish more recipes on here. The main reason is that my permanent lack of time has turned me into my grandmother and I now more than ever scribble recipes (and my never-ending lists) on the back of envelopes or scraps of paper and then lose them, and then find them and make some more notes, and then lose them again... The perfect example is this Thermomix Bolognese which I have now lost many times despite also cooking it many times as it is so easy with the Thermie. So, before I lose it again, here it goes.

Because publishing a photo of my scribbles on the back of an envelope doesn't count, does it?

So, it's going on here as a point of reference for me and so that you can tell me: how do you make your bolognese? What do you add that I don't? Do you have a "secret ingredient"?

Don't know what a Thermomix is? This post will tell you all about it. If you live in the UK and you already have a Thermomix or are considering buying one, don't forget we now have a really friendly and supportive Thermomix Owners UK Facebook group. Come join the Thermie chat.

Thermomix bolognese

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Thermomix: Thai prawn noodle soup / Sopa tailandesa de camarones y tallarines (recipe/receta)

*Receta Thermomix: Sopa tailandesa de camarones y tallarines, en español más abajo*

Thermomix: Thai prawn noodle soup / Sopa tailandesa de camarones y tallarines (recipe/receta) It is no secret that I love noodles. I also adore seafood. I am a huge fan of coriander. And at this time of the year, in the cold British winter, I could survive on soups... The other day I had in mind a very specific flavour that had to have all of the above and I came across a Nigel Slater recipe, I read it and filed it away in my brain. Here is the result: an easy peasy Thermomix recipe to make a delicious Thai prawn noodle soup.

A few days later I decided to be extremely organised (for me) and wrote down how I would go about achieving the flavour I wanted with the Thermomix. The result was better than I anticipated and it proved one thing, even when I have it all written down and quite clear in my head: I still can't follow a recipe to save my life.

The result was absolutely delicious and the colours just amazing.

This recipe uses prawns but I bet it would be just as gorgeous with salmon, white fish or even chicken. But also without any seafood or meat additions at all as the flavour is lovely and strong.

Thermomix Thai prawn noodle soup
Ready in about 25 minutes


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thermomix recipe: Caldo (Spanish chicken broth with kale, chickpeas and chorizo)

Thermomix recipe: Caldo (Spanish chicken broth with kale, chickpeas and chorizo) Hello! It has been so long since I last blogged that I would rather not look at the date of my last post. Work has been extremely busy this year which I have to confess makes me very happy but I miss my little blog. I keep jotting and drafting recipes but I never seem to have the time to finish them or make sure the photos are good enough and, as I don't like to hit publish until I am happy with the post, the
blog doesn't get updated and then I find myself missing it.

I also find myself losing the recipes I wrote down on the back of envelopes, tiny bits of paper and random notebooks because, let's face it, they are not the most reliable method of record keeping. If I don't write down what they were for I sometimes even forget and have to remind myself from the ingredients I wrote down.

So, here we go, this is me letting go of "it doesn't look good enough" and instead remembering that I am likely to forget my creations if I don't write them on here.

It's Autumn in the UK now and at this time of the year I could easily survive on soups. I also love roast chicken, not only do we get to have a fantastic roast dinner (English style) but we get to have lots of leftovers and then I can make chicken stock which means I can then make a nice caldo or a delicious pasta soup.

Caldo is typical from my area of Spain (Galicia), it is traditionally made with grelos, berzas or nabizas. The closest thing I have found here in the UK is kale but, to be honest, good grelos are not even easy to find in the rest of Spain, they are a little Galician luxury which is amazing for such a basic vegetable. Every week at home there would be a huge pot (no, really they are huge) boiling meat, vegetables, etc. at home to make stock, a lot of the stock would be frozen to make sopas de fideos for nice quick dinners.

Feisty Tapas: Thermomix Caldo cooked from scratch in the Thermomix, with kale, carrots and chorizoThis recipe takes you straight from roast chicken leftovers to stock to caldo or broth with even extra caldo to keep for a pasta soup or to use in your recipes (or freeze). Even better, when you finish you can start again with the other half of the chicken.

If you have a larger family you can add an extra chorizo sausage in the basket and steam carrots and potatoes in the Varoma for a filling meal.

If you don't like kale but you like leek, replace it with leek, just not too much. Leek is also really nice steamed in the Varoma. Of course you could use spinach but that is not a traditional caldo option!

You can cook this ahead by a day or two, it's actually even nicer when the flavours develop.

Caldo, Galician chicken broth 
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour and a half 


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